The journey through your website

At its core, website optimization (aka Conversion Optimization) is the process of updating your website to get visitors to perform calls to action. It involves taking prospects through the classic sales funnel.

The classic sales funnel.

The classic sales funnel.


The acquisition of prospects to your website. This is what online advertising and SEO is for.


Tell a story. Identify and address the pain points of your visitors. Show them you understand and can relate.


What can you offer to solve your prospect’s problems? What makes you different? Why should they choose you?


Ask for the business. This could be the big ask, or it could be a smaller, more bite sized ask; have a conversation, sign up for a newsletter, download a whitepaper, install a trial, buy the “lite” version, and so on.

How is Website Optimization done?

A number of different tactics can be employed. Some common ones include:

  • Landing pages. These are special web pages that sit outside of your main navigation. They are custom-tailored to a very specific audience and message. They are purposely simple, and the good ones only make a single ask of the visitor. They can be part of A/B testing, or used as destinations for your online advertising campaigns.

  • Content development. Trying new content, editing existing content, turning ideas into infographics or videos, etc.

  • Technical improvements. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, loads fast, has all the requisite site maps and robots files, and isn’t full of linking errors.

Some experimentation here can be good, so long as you’re measuring the results. See what works best, and do more of that.