Digital Advertising

One of the most powerful ways to precisely target prospective clients and reach them cost effectively is through digital advertising. It is:

  • Quick to set up

  • Easily changed and optimized

  • Infinitely scalable

  • Highly measurable

Digital advertising can be an "instant on" solution for immediate sales and leads.

The Best Channels to Advertise in

When it comes to which channels are the best for your business, the 4P process will identify these. Google and Facebook dominate the market, however, so they’re going to be two channels that we’ll investigate right away.

Together, Google and Facebook account for two-thirds of every ad dollar spent online.

Secondary channels like programmatic display and video can be excellent performers as well. If you’re selling products we might choose to start with Amazon Marketplace or Google Products. There are many choices when it comes to paid traffic, and only through our analysis can we make a recommendation that’s right for you.

Curious to see how digital advertising could help your business grow?