Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

If you want to start capturing quality traffic from search engines, you need an SEO plan. The good news is that creating an SEO plan is pretty straightforward:

  1. Audit your website, as well as who links to you

  2. Create a plan for fixing all the high priority issues on your website

  3. Create a plan for building the authority of your website (e.g. content, links, reviews, etc.)

Opportunities Abound!

It all starts with an audit. This low-cost service tells us where things stand with your website.

  • What needs to be fixed on your website?

  • What keywords offer you the best opportunities?

  • What gaps are there in your website’s content?

  • What links does your website have? Where can we get more?

  • How do your competitors stack up?

Your audit is your detailed action plan to fix the issues and take advantage of the opportunities. Do it yourself, or have us do it for you.

Ongoing SEO

If you really want to take SEO to the next level, ongoing work is going to be required. We work hard each month on the following:

  • Keeping your content optimized.

  • Getting links from other relevant, authoritative websites, using your content.

  • Building your website’s authority through citations (e.g. reviews and testimonials), by leveraging your existing customer base.

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Discover our SEO Packages


SEO Audit: $500

  • Identify the mistakes you’re currently making, and the big-time opportunities to improve your website’s SEO

  • Receive an action plan with specific actionable items

  • Turnaround time: 2 days


SEO Audit and Fix: $1,000

  • Includes the ‘Audit’ package above

  • Implementation of recommended fixes (up to 6 hours of work)


Ongoing SEO: $800 setup, $500/month (and up)

  • Includes ‘Audit and Fix’ package above (20% discount)

  • Ongoing link building, citation building and website optimizations

  • Choose whatever budget you like, from $500 per month. We’ll do as much as possible within the allotted time

  • Monthly progress reports and recommendations

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