How much business is your website generating?

Finding your way in the world of digital marketing is a challenge.

Finding your way in the world of digital marketing is a challenge.

Not enough, in all likelihood.

Online advertising is complex, and it’s a challenge for business owners and executives to find the time to understand it. And if you don’t understand it, how do you know if your money is being well spent?

You need a solid plan to grow your business profitably online.
This is where that plan starts.
With a unique process backed by proven results and happy clients.

The Formula for Success

Digital advertising + Search engine optimization = Targeted Traffic

Targeted Traffic + Website optimizations = Leads and Sales

Digital marketing is complex. The 4P process simplifies it.

It all starts with a good plan. From there we use a combination of online advertising, search engine marketing, and website optimizations to drive those leads for you! My 4P digital marketing process is borne of over 20 years of industry experience, hundreds of projects, and many happy clients.

When it comes to digital marketing, Robin is extremely knowledgeable, and always quick with new and creative ideas. He has become a trusted partner over the years.
— John Bayko, Vice President Communications, CAODC

Services you can actually understand

Simple yet sophisticated services.

Simple yet sophisticated services.

The core services I offer fall into three main categories:

  1. Digital Advertising - targeted traffic that you pay for.

  2. Search Engine Optimization - targeted traffic that you earn from the search engines.

  3. Website Optimizations - taking your targeted traffic and converting them into leads and sales.

The specific tactics used within each service will be identified during the Planning phase of the 4P process. Ultimately these services are designed to bring in the right prospects, and channel them through a journey on your website so that Leads and Sales pop out the other side.

Is this the face of a Digital Marketing Champion?

You bet it is.

With my background in online marketing, website development, small business ownership, and corporate team leadership, I'm able to market online effectively, keep things simple, and communicate in a jargon-free way.

I’m passionate about small business, and confident we can grow yours.

Robin Eldred, digital marketing champion.

Robin Eldred, digital marketing champion.

Robin has a skillful way of making sense out of all the noise in digital marketing. I’ve truly enjoyed my time working with him, and have learned a ton!
— Cameron Fraser, Account Director, Cornerstone Digital

Profitable growth starts now.

Over coffee or a quick phone call, we’ll determine a plan of attack and get an estimate in front of you.